• Live drawing during Conferences, Workshops, Meetings, Training, Team-building, brand launches, brain-storms, etc.
  • Off-site illustration, design & branding.
  • Video-scribing (with the team at ConceptualEyes).
  • Other: Fine Art, drawing, calligraphy, typography (see more at


Before: We meet to discuss the brief, and what you want this graphic to achieve... These are not just pretty pictures, these are strategic tools.

On the day: The Graphic Recorder arrives an hour before the event, sets up the workspace (paper on a wall, or easels - whichever is most suited to the location). Over the course of the session, the Graphic Recorder will listen to the content, synthesise the information, and visualise the key points... creating a simplified visual map of the most important issues.

Deliverables: Within 24 to 48 hours of the event, you receive a digital image of the graphic recording - to share with the delegates and keep conversation and engagement going! If you'd like the original artwork to put up in your office-space, we can arrange delivery.


More info:

Rachel S. Smith is a Senior Consultant and the Director of Digital Facilitation Services for The Grove Consultants International in San Francisco, CA.

Brandy Agerbeck, graphic facilitator and artist, discusses the role of visuals in shaping your thinking.