Graphic Recording = key points in pictures.

The Graphic Recorder's job is primarily one of listening - and then distilling the masses of information down to the essential points. These key learnings are then illustrated, showing the information visually, so that it is easier to remember.

This all happens live while you speak.

Adding a visual dimension to content makes information more interesting, and memorable. The resultant images serve as summaries, and also, powerfully, they enable people to all view the key learnings at once; in other words, a team can literally "get on the same page" and see "the Big Picture." 

Live drawing adds to the standard of the overall presentation, and the final digitised image can be shared amongst delegates, or used to recap after the event.

About me:

My name is Alice, and I am a freelance Graphic Recorder based in Melbourne, Australia. 

With an Honours degree in Fine Arts, and Masters in Literature focussing on visual language, I am fascinated by how words and pictures can be used together to strengthen communication. I draw in meetings, workshops, conferences (anywhere, really) - either recording a speaker's content, or collaborating with delegates to co-create their own images.

My job is to anchor good ideas in memorable graphics.